eDerma Pen


eDerma Pen introduction

The eDerma Pen uses the most exciting technology that has been seen in anti aging since the discovery of Botox!!!
This non-invasive cosmetic treatment has been designed to address a series of skin concerns, ranging from premature ageing to pigmentation and scarring.

A wide range of clients can benefit from the treatment, including those who are looking to:
address premature ageing, deep set wrinkles, expression lines and unwanted skin laxity in areas such as the eye area, mouth, neck, jowls and forehead.

Science bit……..

Whilst the procedure does not physically pierce the skin, a controlled micro-trauma is caused with heat, which artificially triggers the healing process, generating an increase in cellular activity which ultimately results in the production and resurfacing of new skin.  A series of tiny dots are strategically placed to attain the desired result for the excess skin to encourage shrinking.

The eDerma Pen stimulates collagen which is activated directly by the body’s natural response to wound healing. Fibroblast cells which are found in the dermis, don’t generally replicate as we mature, however when trauma is caused they spring into action playing various roles from breaking down the fibrin clot, to undergo division and creating new cellular matrix and collagen structures to support other cells, which are also involved in the wound healing process.

This lovely lady had the treatment around her upper eyelids, crows feet and brow area.  After picture is 10 days post treatment.


The eDerma Pen has been created specifically for the beauty industry.  Bringing the most up to date, results driven treatment straight to you!

What’s involved?

First you would come into the salon for a consultation, we go through your medical history and discuss the treatments available with the eDerma Pen.  A patch test is also completed in the area you would like treating.

(A small charge of £25 is made for the consultation, which is then deducted from  your full treatment price)

Two weeks following your patch test, you are able to attend for your first full session with the eDerma Pen.  A number of tiny dots are made on the area of treatment, to create the illusion of trauma, which in turn shrinks excess skin and erases wrinkles.  Full aftercare advise is given and products are provided to ensure a simple healing process. If the eye area has been given a treatment, swelling is possible due to fluid around the area, this could be present for up to 72 hours.  The tiny dots are present for up to 7 days and then come away naturally to leave new healthy pink skin.  Broad spectrum SPF must be used while skin is re-pigmenting.  Results continue to improve for up to 12 weeks as the skin regenerates.

SAfrica image Safrica neck


The eDerma Pen system is similar to other systems including Fibroblast, Plasma Pen, PlasmaBlast and Plexr to name a few.