FAQ-Semi-permanent make up

Who can benefit from Semi-permanent make up?

  • People with busy lives who find it hard to spare the time to apply make up.
  • Active people who swim, use the gym or have oily skin which sheds make up easily.
  • People who wear glasses, contacts or have vision problems making it difficult to apply make up.
  • People who suffer from hair loss, have fine or light coloured hairs.
  • People with thinning or asymmetric lips who want fullness or colour.
  • Anyone who wants to look their best 24/7

How long does semi-permanent make up last?

As the medical grade pigment is not applied as deep as a regular tattoo, it will fade over time.  Although 2-4 years is normal lifespan, every client will be different and factors such as exposure to sun will contribute to fading.  Sandra recommends a visit to the salon every 12-24 months to maintain the perfect look of your make up.

Is it safe?

The procedure is both safe and medically approved when carried out by a trained technician.  The products used at Blink are of the highest quality, safety is our priority.  Only new, sterile disposable needles are used for your complete safety.  Sandra is fully qualified, insured and licensed to operate and is registered with the local County Council for the provision of treatments.

Will it hurt?

The application of numbing anaesthetic prior to your treatment greatly reduces any discomfort.  Most clients experience no pain at all, although some feel a slight scratchy sensation.

What about healing time?

Immediately after the procedure there may a very small amount of swelling depending on the treatment area, this will subside after a few hours.  The treated area will appear darker for the first few days due to the pigment on the skins surface, this will fade by around 30% once the area is fully healed and any dryness of skin flakes away.
The initial two weeks following treatment, extra care should be taken to not expose the area to strong UVA rays, chlorine, exfoliators, salts and saunas as these can reduce the life of your treatment.
Should you suffer from a history of cold sores and you wish to have a lip treatment, it is advisable to visit your doctor for medication prior to treatment to prevent an outbreak following your procedure.

How do I choose colour and style?

Sandra will carry out a full individual consultation working with your natural skin tones, hair and eye colour to custom blend your ideal shade.  All options for styles will be discussed and agreed during your consultation and double checked at your check up appointment after 4-8 weeks.