Meso Cell Boost Technology

The Meso treatment is an absolute must to get your skin ready for the summer.  This wonderful full-face treatment delivers essential nutrients right to where your skin needs it the most – under the top dead layer!

Ever wondered why moisturisers don’t seem to bring the results you desire?  Think of it like this, if you took a sheet of cling film and rubbed cream onto its surface, thats exactly where it would stay – on the surface.  Now, start again but this time pierce some holes into the cling film and now rub on the cream – the cream can now get through the cling film!  This is exactly how the Meso Cell Boost technology works, by piercing tiny micro holes into the dead surface skin to enable the vitamins to penetrate the dermal layers of the skin!

Sandra has been fully trained in this breakthrough treatment and can bring beautiful radiant skin to the surface using this special treatment.  Not only can specific areas be targeted, your whole face is treat to this natural cell boosting technology, delivering excellent results even from just one treatment.

Meso can be used as a full face facial treatment, for the neck and décolletage  and for the backs of hands!  Results are instant but for most impact a course of 4+ treatments is recommended.

What are you waiting for – call Sandra at Blink Cosmetic Solutions based @Phab in Spennymoor to get booked in!  Click the link to read more on Meso

Meso 27-4-14Before & straight after

Meso before and straight after

Meso before and straight after