MESO Anti ageing treatment


MESO Revive is a revolutionary new system that delivers nourishment right to where your skin needs it. We often spend a small fortune on moisturising creams that can only penetrate the top layers of the skin (epidermis), however with the MESO Revive system, Sandra will deliver essential nutrients directly into the lower layers of skin (dermis) using a special cartridge with 18 microscopic needles and 13 tiny holes that allow an even flow of active ingredients into the pierced outer dead layers of skin allowing the nutrients to penetrate the dermis.

MESO Revive is the ideal choice for clients who do not want to experience the often frozen effect of Botox by choosing this altogether more natural alternative. Meso can also be used for neck, chest and hands.meso-1

MESO can be catered to your specific personal requirements, do you want to keep the aging process at bay – then go for ‘fresh’ which contains a strong combination of vitamins, Q10 and amino acids which combat damaging environmental influences and keep the skin smooth and supple.
Fresh is specially tailored for the demands of young skin, rich in nutrients to compliment your daily skin care routine.

Is your skin more sensitive and dehydrated then go for ‘pure’ which contains a selection of amino acids, soybean and yam root extract to provide everything your tired and dehydrated skin cells need.
Pure supports the skins own resistance to dryness and inflammation with even sensitive skin getting stronger, healthier and smoother.


Do you want to banish wrinkles then ‘med’ could be for you. The combination of hyaluronic acid and peptides reduces wrinkles and stimulates the body-own collagen production to boost the skins cells whilst raising the moisture level and elasticity.

Med ingredients are specially tailored to effectively reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines.

Meso Chris