Semi-permanent make-up takes off in Spennymoor

I am meeting some lovely ladies whilst carrying out my semi-permanent make-up and anti-aging techniques within Phab Hair & Beauty Salon at Spennymoor.

Its great hearing the many different reasons ladies come to me when looking for solutions to their busy beauty routines, no two days are ever the same!

This week I started my day with a lovely lady who had her first anti-aging Meso cell boost treatment.  The difference after just one treatment was amazing, her skin was glowing and hydrated.  I will see her again next week for the next session, I can’t wait to see the results after her first course of four treatments.

Meso is a fantastic full face rejuvenation technique and the beauty industry are raving about the results being achieved, it has even appeared in Heat magazine being rated as 5/5 and is getting better results than Botox!  You can read more about it here

I carried out another two eyeliner treatments yesterday, its been very busy for eyeliner in the salon since opening.  Spennymoor ladies must love to enhance their beautiful smiling eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner!

Eyeliner can be very subtle, giving a look of thicker eyelashes along the top or bottom lash line, the thickness can be built to achieve full eyeliner for a bolder look, which is catered to each individual clients taste. Semi-permanent eyeliner will last for many years and is a favourite treatment with ladies who’s vision may affect their ability to apply eyeliner, ladies who swim or use the gym and ladies with fair hair who want to define their eyes.

I look forward to meeting many more lovely ladies so I can give them the ability to ‘wake up with make up’ and look their best 24/7 with semi-permanent make up!

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Eyeliner top & bottomBefore and after subtle semi-permanent eyeliner.