MYTHS about semi permanent make up!

  • It is not painful – numbing cream is used before the treatment begins.
  • Eyebrows can be any colour – even blonde.
  • Colour does not need to be topped up every 3 months – usually 18 – 24 months or even longer before top up.
  • Eyebrows do not have to be bold block style – natural hairstrokes is an option.
  • You do NOT shave your own brows off – just why would you?!!
  • We do not use a stencil – each client receives hand designed eyebrows to suit their face shape.
  • You cannot have this done in your own home – premises must be registered and checked by the council.
  • It is NOT the same as a tattoo – its micro-pigmentation, with medical grade pigment.

Tips when researching semi permanent make up

There are a few tips I can give you when thinking about semi permanent make up.
  • Ask to see recent pictures of the technicians work.  You would be amazed how many images I see on Facebook pages and websites, that have pictures taken from Google and not genuinely their work.
  • Ask if the price quoted includes the consultation, patch test and then two tattoo treatments.  Semi permanent make up is a TWO stage tattoo process, if someone quotes for one session, you will definitely be left with half finished eyebrows and possibly patches with less colour.
  • Visit the technician before you book, this is essential to have your consultation and patch test, but also to have a look at the premises, is it clean and appropriate for a tattoo environment?
  • Do you trust the technician?  It may seem like a strange thing to say, but if you don’t find your technician puts you at ease, you will be spending around 90 minutes per tattoo session in their company, so its worth thinking about!
  • Is there a gallery of pictures on their website or Facebook page?  I see so many web pages with details of semi permanent make up but with no images?  Would you trust them with your face when you haven’t seen any pictures?
  • Have you read reviews on their Facebook page or website?  There is nothing better than another customers opinion.
If you have any other questions, get in touch with Sandra at Blink Cosmetic Solutions 0780 6696 349 or check out Facebook