I have been getting more and more worried recently by the amount of ladies coming into the salon with eyebrows that have been tattooed elsewhere, that now require correction.  I often preach to people and say ‘do your research’, but what happens when you look on a Facebook business page and you assume that the pictures on display have genuinely been done by the technician whose page they are on?

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing research when looking into having a semi permanent make up procedure carried out on your face.  There are a few tips that I would like to pass on, which may help you decide who to trust with your face.

  • When did the technician qualify?
  • How long was their training and have they completed any additional training since qualifying?
  • Is the technician and the salon registered and licensed with their local council?
  • Have you had any personal recommendations about the technicians work?
  • Do they have any reviews you can read on their website or Facebook page etc?
  • Can they show you a portfolio of their work, with recent pictures that are updated regularly?
  • Do the pictures on their website and social media pages have their logo or anything to prove ownership and that they are not just screen shots from Google?
  • Did they offer you a consultation and patch test, which should be an essential part of the semi permanent make up process?
  • Did they explain to you that semi permanent make up is a two stage process and requires you to attend 2 separate tattoo sessions usually 4 – 8 weeks apart?  Did their prices include both tattoo sessions?
  • Have you met the technician, do they seem knowledgeable when you ask them questions?  Remember by the time you have completed your consultation and both tattoo sessions, you will have spent around 4 hours with them, so its important that you feel comfortable and confident in their ability.
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions – nothing is a silly question, if you don’t know the answer then its a worthwhile question.

Here are some examples of ladies who wish they had done more research before getting their face tattooed.

eyebrow fail                            eyebrow fail3    eyebrow fail4      eyebrow fail2