Semi-permanent make up

Semi Permanent Make Up

Could be your solution from having to carry your make up pencil around with you – just in case!  Customers often tell me how limited they feel by always being worried their eyebrows will rub off; if they wear a hat, if its a warm day, if they swim or use the gym.  Constantly having to check your eyebrows in the mirror can be very stressful and can have an impact on your confidence.  Semi permanent make up is your solution!

Eyelash enhancement & eyeliner

Enhancement – A soft natural line along top, bottom or both sets of lashes, bringing depth and definition to your eyes whilst making your lashes appear thicker.
Eyeliner – Colour and thickness can be customised to your own personal preference and can be carried out on either top or bottom lids, or both.



Eyebrows are the frame for your features and can bring many benefits to your face, by giving you a more youthful appearance and lifting tired eyes.  Clients who have fair eyebrows, have over plucked or are suffering from hair loss/alopecia, can finally throw away their eyebrow pencil and always be ready to go with semi permanent make up!


Lip contour liner & blush

Lip contour liner can bring symmetry to an uneven lip line, make lips appear fuller and reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth.
Contour liner & blush will give the appearance of plumper fuller lips with a three-dimensional appearance leaving you with kissable lips 24/7!
(Should you suffer from cold sores please make Sandra aware prior to lip treatments).