Wouldn’t it be great to Wake Up With Make Up?

Ladies (and gents) across the UK are taking advantage of the opportunity to throw away their eyebrow pencils, eyeliner and lipstick, since realising that semi permanent make up is an instant solution!

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up on a morning with your make up already applied?  Just think how much time you could save, if you weren’t stuck in front of the mirror trying to get your eyebrows the same shape!  Some of my customers tell me that their mood for the day can be ruined by the stress of  applying and removing their eyebrows countless times until they match!

Semi permanent make up is no longer something only accessible to celebrities, it is something that anyone can save for – how much is your self esteem worth?  Just think of the time you would save, not just on a morning, as many clients inform me that they are forced to carry their pencils around with them to reapply during the day.  How restrictive to know that you will need to keep topping up your make up on warm days, after the gym, on holidays, after the pool the list is endless.

Semi permanent make up is not, as some would suggest, just about being vain, if you suffer from alopecia or if you have undergone chemotherapy, you can lose all eyebrow and eyelash hairs.  Why should your confidence suffer, if a simple treatment to restore your features was an option?

All eyebrows are designed to suit your personal face shape and colouring, any face or hair colouring can be catered for.

What are you waiting for ladies and gentlemen of the North East?  Get in touch with Sandra, call in for a chat and get ready to ‘Wake Up With Make Up”.